new-piktochart_23713630_2f529137cf313b7010ab251043a568f99e331399 (1)

Purpose:  I chose this artifact because it represents my journey throughout this Fellowship and the value my work had on my colleagues and the impact it made on how we examine professional learning.  Throughout this journey with CTQ and the University of Florida I learned about the power I had within myself even when I was encouraging other teachers to use their voices to promote professional learning impact.  My feelings coming into the Fellowship were laced in apprehension, but as I progressed through the program my feeling became laced in confidence.  This graphic demonstrates my shifts in learning and how those feelings of confidence came about.

Teacher Fellow Competency:  This artifact represents my learning and growth as a teacher as leader.  As a leader, growth is inevitable, you fail, you have successes, you learn, you grow.  I think that’s what I did throughout this Fellowship.  There were ups and downs but I was able to muster through the difficulties to create positive outcomes for students and teachers.

Skills:  This artifact refined my skills as a learner and listener.  As a leader, listening is essential to achieve progress.  Constructivist listening was a huge component to the success of my project.  I listened to teachers without formulating my own thoughts while they shared their expertise.  That’s when the learning became powerful through listening.



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