The Work

Purpose:  I chose this artifact because it represents the scope of my findings during my inquiry.  The link above is an attachment to a PowerPoint that discusses the highlights of my inquiry work and the thoughts I had going into my research.  I discuss the commonalities and understanding from my collection of data.  It connects to my passion about what I wanted to explore as a level of inquiry in terms of how teacher voice can have a significant impact in educational communities.

Teacher Fellow Competency:  This artifact relates to my learning and growth as a teacher as researcher.  The artifact details the phases of my project and generally what I was able to discover through my inquiry.  I gathered data in the forms of surveys, interviews, and focus groups.  I synthesized this data to determine the impact of my work.  I was able to share this data with my school community and educational community at the International Teacher Leader Conference.

Skills:  This artifact allowed me to refine my skills as a presenter and researcher.  I often thought throughout this journey that being a teacher researcher was in a way inconsequential because teachers are teachers and researchers are researchers but being able to marry the two during this Fellowship opened my mind to the power of a teacher being a researcher.


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